The Federal network of multifunctional helicopter centers "Heliports of Russia" is based on the principles of infrastructure development, which implies preferences for investors.

The best land plots for the construction of helicopter centers are provided by municipalities free of charge, as part of the development of regional infrastructure projects to improve transport accessibility, tourism and air ambulance development.

The successful experience of implementing a new business model for commercial operation of light helicopters for mass passenger transport and sightseeing tours in the Moscow region, the well-established mechanism of interaction with authorities and their interest in the development of investment contracts allowed us to form a long-term strategy for the development of the network of helicopter centers "Heliports of Russia" for 2020-2025.

The national helicopter network of heliports is constantly growing, covering all new cities of the Russian Federation. The Heliports of Russia group of companies, with the support of regional authorities, undertakes project implementation, offering the most effective solutions for creating modern multifunctional helicopter complexes with the involvement of advanced technologies and the best specialists.

We are open to suggestions and invite all interested parties to cooperate.

Currently, Heliport-M helicopter airline, which is the leader of the Russian helicopter tourism and private air transportation market, is constantly based on the helicopter centers of the Moscow region.

Heliports of Russia is open for receiving and basing aircraft of private owners, airline boards, as well as flights of air ambulance, EMERCOM, and air means of law enforcement services.


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