Heliports of Russia is a network of multifunctional helicopter centers that provide a full range of services: take-off and landing, aircraft basing, fuel supply, and maintenance of helicopter equipment.

Heliports of Russia helicopter centers are an important infrastructure element that performs several functions at once. First, it is an element of entertainment infrastructure that allows you to organize leisure activities for residents and tourists: the opportunity to fly by helicopter, book helicopter excursions to local attractions and just have fun with the whole family. Secondly, it is a relevant element of transport infrastructure today.

Currently, Heliport-M helicopter airline, which is the leader of the Russian helicopter tourism and private air transportation market, is constantly based on the helicopter centers of the Moscow region.

Heliports of Russia is open for receiving and basing aircraft of private owners, airline boards, as well as flights of air ambulance, EMERCOM, and air means of law enforcement services.


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